Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Parisian on The Upper East Side

Image via cherrylet
Tickets to Paris, on the pricey side.  So the only way for me to get back is participate in French like activities: wear breton stripe shirts and black ankle pants, have a slight attitude, and eat excessive amounts of cheese washed down with gallons of wine.  On that gastro note I finally redeemed my groupon for the Yorkville Creperie this weekend. I stumbled upon it over a year ago when enjoying a very good Springsteen cover band next door.  Being located on York Ave and me lazy never made it east for a short gastro trip to Paris. On this beautiful fall weekend we made plans to get our crepe on. The dark wood floors, brick walls and chalk boards covered in specials add to that homey french flair.  The menu has both extensive options for both sweet and savory crepes.  If you can't find exactly what you like feel free to make your own. There are salads and paninis if crepes are not exactly your thing. Each night after 5pm the creperie offers a different special; everything from two for one drinks to $15 for an entree and cocktail. Your meal may last only a short period of time but the quality of ingredients and care put into your meal will transport you to that little sunlit cafe with a few outdoor tables.


Anonymous said...

the salads were HUGE and the chef was really taking his time to make them into a work of art. Service was a bit slow as they were not prepared for the volume of customers-but would go back again for sure!

Austin Scott Brooks said...

I live in the Upper East Side and I've yet to try this place..prices seem reasonably though and I'm going to try it out based on your recommendation. Thanks for the post!