Saturday, February 5, 2011

Free Hair

New York City may have more celebrity salons then there are Crumbs Bake Shops. Once a celeb is connected to their uber hairstylist the ability to book an appointment in their salons becomes almost as possible as mastering astrophysics. To add insult to injury as the popularity rises the prices follow suit.  One can wait for a covet appointment to open up or get services during a training night.  Fredrick Fekkai has an extensive model program where participants can have their hair cut and colored by advanced students.  Potential hair models have the option for stylists in training to test their skills of what they have learned from cut, color and style.  The above link leads to a form for potential models to see if they qualify.  After submitting a coordinator will contact participants with dates when certain free services will be offered.  The program runs on a constant basis and Fekkai is always looking for models.  There are three salon’s in Manhattan where there is potential to be a model.  Due to the model program services take a bit more time than when a standard appoint is booked.  This accounts for when the teacher checks the student’s progress and execution.  Services are not skimped.  Models are treated like paying customers where they are treated like royalty with relaxing head massages when shampooing and night time ready blowouts using the famed Fredrick Fekkai products. 

Looking at my finances, I could no longer rock my Carrie Bradshaw roots but I could not afford to shell out the cash for new color.  I signed up for the program and was able to book an appointment soon after.  I was greeted by the Stylist in training Kara, who was more than nice.  She hadn't been affected by the blase attitude that plagues some of the divas working in the salon.  I was about to experience biolage highlights which are painted on and not foiled on.  In between layers hair is sepreated by saran wrap which can become very calstrophobic and hot.  But the misery was well worth it.  Kara finished her work and blew my hair out.  Sign up from the link above; Fekkai has salons all over the country.  Just to remind y'all I am truely living my life on a budget, I got $245 worth of highlights for free.  Now beat that.
Pics (l to r): Saran wrap highlights; finished product.

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Rosa said...

looks great! i just signed up for this =)