Monday, February 14, 2011

Munching on Maoz

From my recent tweets you may have caught wind of my latest obsession. Yes I think 16 Handles may have to share the spotlight.  I never thought I would say that I am constantly craving a vegetarian dish. My mom would be so proud. So what is this place you ask? Its called Maoz.  Its a falafel joint that serves up delicious, fresh, fast food.  I discovered this place while I was visiting Madrid when I lived abroad. But since I've been back stateside I knew I could eat at Maoz but never did. To be honest, I really did not like Falafels.  But last week starving after one of my many events (yes, I'm that important) I passed by a Maoz near Columbia.  So hungry and practicing my mantra of "you never know if you don't try" I walked in.  Serving only falafels in either a pita or on top of a salad maoz customers can customize their dish at the unlimited toppings bar. With the freshest ingredients meals can be topped with veggies and other Mediterranean delights.  There are meal deals available too.  For under $10, you can get a Falafell, soda and fries.  To your hearts content you can add as many healthy toppings to your meal.  Some of the best are the roasted broccoli and cauliflower and the chick pea salad.  Maoz has multiple US locations, so I know if I am ever on the road (which I am not) I can get my fix.  I am warning you, I will probably be hitting it up tomorrow night after another events.  When a Falafel pits is under $7 with all those toppings, its hard to say no.

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