Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not Your Average Joe

Heading to the Hamptons in the summer you would expect to pay through the nose for everything. Example, tomatoes at the Amagansett Farmer's market were 5.99 a pound. Could they be THAT good?  Then on a sweltering morning after purchasing the above tomatoes (yes they were that good) my mom and I headed into East Hampton.  In the mood to just browse we walked into Joe Fresh.  With its white washed floors, sparsely merchandised racks, we were expecting just to browse.  I was floored by the price tag of what I expected to be expensive basics: a simple fold over skirt for less than 20, ribbed tanks for 8. These are Old Navy prices without the disgusting messy dressing room.  Everything is merchandised on the racks by color with various styles from flowy dresses to to chic eyelet button-downs.  Sizes run the gamut, and there is a style for everyone.  I just came out with a ribbed tank, but had that simple $20 dress come in any other color than grey I would probably be wearing it as I write this.  Nothing was over $70, and the lowest priced item were the $4 flip flops.  The company is Canadian based, and the East Hampton shop is just a pop up. Don't fret that you won't be able to catch the Jitney before Labor day, Joe Fresh is opening this fall in Manhattan.  There will be even more variety than what this little shop has.  In the mean time lose yourself in the the website before the shop opens.
image via Joe Fresh

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I likes! too bad you cant buy online. -Lars