Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dinner Tonight? Of Course I'm Hungry

Would you rather slave over a hot stove for a meal that lasts five minutes or have a leisurely meal in a restaurant.  Well cooking is more cost effective, but there are a million dinning deals out there.  There are group deals, codes that are texted to the phone, or even free redemption.  It is so hard to remember to print out the voucher, or find the text message in the mess that is your phone.  Then there is Dine Tonight, a new site that the savings are automatically taken off the bill when you arrive.  Head to their website and reserve a table for the place you will be dining at.  The restaurant will be notified that you will be dining there and when the bill comes the percentage of savings is reduced.  The savings are unlimited; the more hungry or "thirsty" you are the more is taken off the bill.  When you reserve a table you will know how much your tab will be reduced by.  Dining alone or with everyone of your twitter followers, the size of the group does not matter either.  If you choose the later, maybe you would want to warn the restaurant.  Love a place?  Come back for seconds, thirds and 100 more times because you can benefit the discount over and over again.  Now that you are hungry, figure out where you want to start chowing down and saving money. 
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