Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hair Soft As Clouds

I do not know why I did not immediatly post this here.  Last night I let my Examiner readers in on my new favorite hair treatment.  Its amazeballs, and is so affordable.  What is it you ask?  Well it is Pantene’s Professional Level Damage Ampoules and it will only run you 8 bucks from your local drug store. Pantene offers two Ampoules one for Medium-Thick hair and another for Curly Hair.  After shampooing take one ampoule and apply it to your hair.  In just five minutes time hair will never look better.  Pantene uses a potent amino-polymer formula to work fast by structurally reinforcing and helping to repair hair along its weakest spots.  Do I know what an amino-polymer formula is?  Absolutley not, but do I like what it does?  Hell yes!  The professional level formula smooths the hair cuticle, protecting it from micro-fractures and breakage.  Dry hair is strengthened and is no able to withhold damage and breakage.  When hair dries it is soft and light as a cloud.  Color looks rich and shine is restored.   Unlike other deep conditioning treatments, hair is not oily within eight hours of use.  Even after stroking your new healthy hair it will stay clean. It feeds hair the nutrients it so desperately needs.  After use hair is much more manageable which is what every busy woman so desperately needs.    The benefits of the Ampoules last; days after using the treatment hair will still feel soft. Trust me get to the Duane Reade, Target, CVS and buy these ampoule.  I accept almost anything in the form of thank yous. 
Image via Pantene

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