Monday, January 24, 2011

If You've Gotta Deal, Flaunt It

I guess in my subconscious I thought I had already told you about this. I guess its from my extensive twitter relationship that I figured my readers were all clued in. You are following me on twitter, right? But if you don't tweet, you must know about Signpost.  What Signpost does is bring everything that is great about social networking and deals into one place.  Since there are secret deals just waiting to get out, members are given the platform to tell everyone on the site about it.  I now know where to get 7 dollar ramen on a cold winter Monday night or how I can get a haircut for next to nothing.  There are deals that expire so be quick to get in on the savings, and then there are those that you can come back for seconds, thirds and fourths.  Signpost will often offer grouponlike deals for users, like the most recent one which was 2 burgers for $5.  Really where can you get a deal like that?  For those who use the site the most, they can become big deals.  Big deals get perks, like happy hours, or dance classes.  All the frugalistas and their friends get together and enjoy life on the cheap.  Since this post is brought to you from a bid deal who has plenty of karma points, I have head the pleasure of shaking my thang at a hip-hop class and if all else goes well I will be attending their happy hour.  Signpost has found the balance for bringing together the social aspect of the web by hosting meet up events for users to have fun together.  For me it has created a great deal finding network and I am scouring the site as I write this post for a dinner date with a friend for this week. 

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