Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Everyone wishes they could have eyelashes that extend for days. But getting that effect requires some intense falsies. Who has the time to sit in front of the mirror to apply individual lashes? Who has the money to employ a make-up artist to do the same? Who has the patience? You could opt for the version on a strip that you can pick up at your drug store. We all know that option makes it look like you work the strip. So we all want to find the happy medium. I found it. Through pure boredom with my current mascara option, I decided to step out on a limb and try a new brand. I picked up L'Oreal Bare Naturale Luminous Lengthening Mascara and now I get the look without the time and effort. With the sweep of wand, I get the lashes any girl dreams of. Adding the perfect curve and length, it looks as if I was born with natural lashes that run for miles. Its great for during the day; it looks like I have slept for hours. At night with my perfect shadow application my eyes simply sparkle. L'Oreal claims that it "noticeably lengthen and illuminate every lash"; and it does. Best of all this stuff is natural. There are not harsh chemicals, so its safe and okay for contact wearers to apply.

The best feature of this product, is that it is cheap. It is under $10 and you can get it at your local drug store. For mere pennies you can now look fabulous. Go flutter your lashes to any admirer. I can guarantee they will be stopped in their tracks.


Anonymous said...

I'm out the door to buy it today!

Anonymous said...

I have this mascara. Everytime I wear it I get the most compliments ever. You are right on.

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