Saturday, May 2, 2009

So every time you go on a health kick and head to your local Whole Food's you spend a small fortune on organic food. Your whole paycheck is drained so you can "enjoy" carrot sticks and apples that have not been touched by pesticides, or other chemicals. Then two weeks later you are back on Cheetos and downing mountain dew. Your bank account is full, but you must admit you feel a little bloated too. Then I found Mambo Sprouts to help bloat my wallet, and debloat my waist line. This website has a section of printable coupons for only organic products. I absolutely love how the first coupon featured is for organic mixers, I am sure there is an organic vodka or tequila for you to mix it with. You wouldn't want to compromise your beverage's organic composition with cheap liquor. Print them from your home computer, and start racking up the savings. There is an option to have email alerts for when new coupons come on the market as well. Use this site in good health. Both your wallet and waistline will thank you for introducing more organics into your life.

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