Monday, October 20, 2008

1 Tequila 2 Tequila $3 Margaritas

NYC maybe the most expensive city in America, but I have found a way to drown my sorrows in a $3 margarita. Sometimes you just need to forget that a turkey sandwich may run upwards of $12. This is where Blockheads plays a pivitol role in my life as a city girl. It is always happy hour at this city joint. The margaritas are fresh, flowing and strong and always $3. A round trip on mass transit costs more.

When you think constant drink special, you assume dive bar and seedy crowd. But remember what happens when you assume! I have been to 2 Blockheads in the city and both were warm, inviting dining establishments. The wait staff is pleasant and attentive. My chip bowl and margarita was never empty. The food is delicious as well. I ordered a burrito that could feed a small family. The ingredients were all evenly spaced. Each bite was a mouthful of beans, rice, chicken and cheese. My friend's quesadilla was picture perfect made with the freshest ingredients like roasted red peppers and firm black beans. It was a struggle to finish our meals. We left our meal satisfied and a bit buzzed. It was a pleasant dinning experience and I will be returning often. There are Blockheads dotting all corners of the city. So whenever the urge to sit back with a fresh marg hits you know you are not too far from your local neighborhood Blockheads. One more margarita and I would have hit the floor.


kim* said...

yum forget the drink give me the chips and salsa!

Jenn said...

YUM! Next time I'm back in the city this place is so going on my list of spots to visit, thanks :)