Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can I Pay with My Air Miles?

Do you have a ton of airline miles, but not enough for a free ticket to paradise? Are they about to expire? Well don’t let those miles fall into the black hole. Redeem them at ( is a website where you can use your airline miles for gift certificates and items that you really need. There are a variety of places where you can redeem your miles from Maggiano’s Little Italian restaurant to Saks Fifth Avenue. If you cannot find a place to redeem your miles I would say you are not looking hard enough. Do you want to have a romantic dinner out, but don’t want to spend your whole week’s pay? Redeem some miles for a night at the famous Palm. Time for a vacation? You can redeem your miles for a trip on a Carnival Cruise.

Afraid your carrier does not participate? All the major carriers from American Airlines t Delta offer this as an option when redeeming miles. There are even regional companies such as Hawaiian Airlines who can help you earn great gift certificates and services. This is a great way to redeem your points before it is too late. You can redeem as little as 2,000 miles for a gift card. There is no excuse anymore to let these perks disappear forever.

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