Monday, December 22, 2008

Lend Me the Latest

Times are tough and money needs to go to more important things than your romance novel collection. Can’t give up that small pleasure? Well why don’t you get back to your childhood roots and head to your local library. Do you know how much the library costs you to read the latest books? NOTHING; its free. In these economic times this is the greatest time to use your library. Go pick up the latest best seller for free. Can’t finish it in the two weeks you are allotted? Re-new the book and it is still free.

Another news flash! Since the last time you went to the library you probably had braces and DVD stood for who knows what, there have been significant changes as well. You can borrow (aka rent) the summer blockbuster you never go to the theaters to see or finally watch the classics. Once again a night in at home with a great movie only costs you the popcorn you attempted to make in the microwave before it burned.

Wake up and use the resources your tax dollars are funding. The library is one of the greatest resources your town has to offer. There are constantly special events that will bring a community together, and entertain your family for hours. So renew your love for the library, but remember to return your books on the due date. It would be a shame to have to pay that ten cent over-due fee.

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kim* said...

it only costs if we dont follow the rules lol