Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The busiest shopping day in America. Are you dreading Black Friday? But you do not want to miss out on all the deals? Well check out the official website that has compiled all the deals that will happen the Friday after thanksgiving: Black Friday @ Gotta Deal ( This is a great way to plan an attack at the mall. You can see what will be on sale where and if the deal is worth it. Hit the stores you think will have low inventory first because you do not want to miss out on saving boat loads of cash. Too many deals and not enough time? Go with a friend, a spouse, the homeless man on the corner! Just grab someone who won't grab that Nintendo Wii right from under your nose. You need to cover all of your bases before everyone snatches up the DVD players or button down blouses you need to buy for your mother-in-law. There are no excuses, you stuffed your faces the night before to sustain your energy for when Kohl's open's at 6 AM and JC Penny closes at 10 that same day.

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