Thursday, November 27, 2008

Have Your Cupcake and Eat it Too

Although you are probably still coming down from your Thanksgiving Day food coma, you still maybe able to make a bit of room for a cupcake. Maybe not? However, cupcakes have fast become my favorite dessert after apple pie. They are also becoming a trend across the country. Cupcakes are no longer reserved for your child's birthday party. They are chic, delicious and gourmet.

From sea to sea there are plenty of bake shops popping up specializing in cupcakes. Flavors run the gamut from passion fruit to a Twinkie cupcake. They are no longer your traditional chocolate and vanilla. If you cant find a flavor that tickles your fancy, you must not like cupcakes.

For your next dinner party or get together have cupcakes to serve. They are a great way to please everyone in attendance because you can have a variety of options. There is no need to worry if your friend's husband only likes chocolate flavored desserts, but your sister only likes fruity options. Get a variety and don't stress.

Here are some options around the country to pick up your next dozen. These places have original options that constantly rotate with the seasons. They use the freshest ingredients and inventive ideas to keep your taste buds on point:
Nashville: Gigi's Cupcakes
Chicago: Chicago Cupcakes
Portland: Saint Cupcake
Seattle: Cupcake Royale

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kim* said...

there's always room for cupcakes!