Friday, November 28, 2008

An Artist's Pallet

Is it time to refresh your look? Are you still rocking the blueeye shadow and Barbie pink lip stick? I didn't think you were stuck inthe 80s; give me some credit please? However I know you have becomebored with your latest beauty routine. If this sounds like you,head to your mall or go to Sephora's ( website right now. They have reintroduced the mega makeup kit to fill all your beauty needs. Go ahead and get your hands on The Sephora Brand Collector's Edition Palette. The "Ultimate Blockbuster" kit (;jsessionid=PF02RHPCHB3RACV0KRTQ5UQ?id=P220561&categoryId=C7010#) is the ultimate steal this holiday season, a makeup kit with every color imaginable for your eyes, face, and lips. With this collection you can create any look you desire, try out the 1920s Hollywood starlet, or go for the dewy fresh from the spa look. This is an all in one compact with a rainbow of colors from Sephora's Brand of makeup.

This kit comes with 84 eye shadow shades, 60 lip glosses, 5 blushes, 1 compact powder, 1 lip liner, 1 eyeliner, 7 applicator brushes. They are all contained in a black case to make applying makeup easy and organized. This kit sounds like a fortune; however this amazing pallet is under $50. This is the steal of the year. Every item in the box costs you pennies. One would be crazy not to snatch up this kit before it is too late. This is the perfect holiday present for your friend who cannot leave a make-up counter empty handed. Treat yourself to a fresh new face, and then try out a new look over and over again. Match your make-up to your mood.

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