Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking It To The Max

The weather has turned. As in turned up the heat. Figuring out what to wear when the only suit you wish was appropriate was the one you were born in. Never understanding the appeal of the maxi dress I was the first to knock it. I figured I would look like a huge blob in it and being the klutz that I am would constantly trip over its incredibly long hem. But as I write this post, I am comfortable lounging in my new summer uniform: the maxi dress. This past long weekend, I figured that I would try out this long trend. Not wanting to invest a whole bunch of my hard earned money, I went down to Old Navy on a shoppers tip. For $30 I picked up this Surplice Drawstring Maxi Dress. This was the perfect stepping stone into the maxi foray. It has thick straps to hide bra straps; to some of us the thought of a strapless bra is like having a root canal. On that note, the cris-cross bodice is a flattering neckline. Made from soft jersey, this will keep you cool as you get through the hot summer days that are bound to hit us. Now that I am a convert, this will become my new uniform. Obviously not wanting to break the bank, I have shopped the internet for my next frock. The main stay for fashion forward on the cheap is Forever 21. They even have a couple options for under $15. Since this will become your new uniform remember to mix it up with accessories. Its what makes the outfit.

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