Saturday, May 29, 2010

Orange You Glad You Wanted Pizza

Orange Crocs? Bad fashion choice. Orange Crocs in the kitchen? Mario Batalli. Stomach full of hearty Italian fare? A small fortune thanks to his Food Network fame and Iron Chef status. Actually not the case at Otto Pizzeria, his restaurant down in the village. Upon entering through the revolving doors tell the hostess how many are in your party. Chances are you will have to wait. Grab a beverage at the bar and wait for the retro commuter board to let you know when your party is expected to be seated. Once you are called to board or be seated at your table, you will enter the modestly decorated dining area. The menu has various options and the wine list is extensive. Extensive is an understatement. For the older set, bring your reading glasses, because it takes up 3 whole pages with options for every price range. Our table split a $27 bottle of delicious Lambrusco. It was an excellent change from our standard glass of red or white. For dinner our table got a variety of pizzas all which were under $15. Some ordered a traditional pie and others chose the Batalli originals, aka a fried egg and pizza. Do not turn your nose up to it until you try it. All pasta dishes are 9 and the portions are perfect for dinner. Do not miss this place. Feel fabulous knowing that you have eaten on the cheap in a Food Network star's restaurant and actually enjoyed the food and laid back atmosphere.
Image Via Jeffrey Tastes

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