Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Raiding Katy's Closet

If Katy Perry were put on a strict budget I believe Motel Rocks would be her home page. This website screams her candy coated cool mentality. It just maybe that all the clothing is on a model with a jet black hair-do and oversized sunglasses, but this place should be her one stop shop. However, I doubt she is Living the Life...on a Budget, but her fans sure are. And what is the sincerest form of flattery? Copy cats, of course. Motel Rocks is a British website that sells clothing with a sense of humor or air of fun. They conveniently convert all prices to US dollars, and everything seems incredibly affordable. That is because it is. Prices hover around $60, which for a dress is reasonable. I am instantly drawn to the Zoe Dress. Is it for the vibrant colors? The retro print? The aura of summer? Its all three, that make it such a fun addition to a wardrobe. Others have caught on; that dress was featured in Vogue. The sale section is great as well, that is currently teeming with tons of black and white options. If you are going to kiss a girl and like it, make sure you are wearing a Motel Rocks Frock, so she thinks you look pretty too.
image via Motel Rocks

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