Friday, May 21, 2010

Deceptively Smart

You are trying to appear smarter. Appearances are everything this day. What happens between your ears is not really a huge concern. The words in this post may even confuse you. But if you look the part people will start to take you serious and may categorize you as cerebral (look it up). Sometimes all it takes is a thick pair of frames to make it look like your nose has been deep in a Dickens's (he is a profound author) novel recently. Now this is the smartest thing you will do, buy your glasses from Warby Parker. This site offers vintage inspired frames at one forth of the traditional boutiques cost. Costs are kept low because this is an independent design house that does not licence its product out for increased prices. In addition, by taking out the middle man and having a web based store only this is another way costs are kept down. Being that it is hard to tell which frames will work best on your face, Warby offers free shipping, returns and at home try ons. There is no need to stress it may not up the smart quotient (math term). They will ship out five frames without your prescription for you to try and decide on. On top of keeping the cost down, for every pair you purchase Warby will donate a pair to those less fortunate. With a mission like it is hard not to buy frames on the spot. Pick out the nerdy-chic frames that look best on you and start reciting neo-classical poetry.
image via Warby Parker

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