Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YHOP (Your House of Pancakes)

You love to cook, especially breakfast. You hate to clean; its the bane of your existance. Now we have found your Mecca in Portland, OR. Head over to Slappy Cakes, whenever you get the inkling to fry up some flap jacks. Specializing in make your own pankcakes this restaruant puts the diner in the drivers seat. First you pick your batter from traditional buttermilk to seasonal pumpkin. Then you jazz it up with everything from Blueberries to Bacon. Its okay you can have sasauge-hazelnut pancakes and noone is going to judge you. Your server brings you the raw ingredients and then you work your culinary magic. Remember, if it comes out like a 5-star establishment or like you are chewing on a rubber dog toy you can only blame yourself. Not really into the whole MYO food since you are paying for service? Do not fret, Slappy Cakes has full menus for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. If the hour is appropriate, was them flapjacks down with an adult beverage, or if it isn't quite past five, try the delectible Stumptown coffee. From 2-5PM head over for happy hour where you can get your southern favorite of a chicken and biscuit for just 2 bucks. To wash it down, split a pitcher with your buddies for just 15. Next time you crave some silver dollars at 7 o'clock but can't nor want to make them with cherries and marmalade, you know exactly where to head to.
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