Saturday, January 23, 2010

Skip Dinner, Go For Brunch

You know that super trendy restaurant in town? The one where you are willing to eat dinner at 10:30? The one where drinks are $15 and the entrees are the size of a quarter? You have been, I have been, we have all been. Now have you been for lunch or brunch. Recently I went to New York City's trendy Dos Caminos in Gramercy for a brunch with friends. Not my choice because I had been for dinner before and left broke and hungry. Well brunch was the total opposite. With the obvious Mexican twist no plate was over 15 bucks and you get one of their famous drinks included. The group I was dining with ordered a plethora of options from the breakfast quesadilla which could feed a small family to the pan torrejas (Mexican french toast). Finishing the plates would have been near to impossible even if we were starved, and may have been some of the best food we have ever eaten. So this may seem like a unique case, but let me set you straight. Most of these so-called fancy trendy places serve brunch and lunch were the food is the same and the prices are significantly cheaper. Also there usually is not a wait, and you will be able to sit down at a decent time. Don't trust me? Head to the site of the restaurant you have been itching to try and check out their lunch or brunch menu. Head over enjoy, and do not forget to ask for a doggie bag.
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