Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pub Grubbin'

The gastropub is the new revolution in dinning. With the 600 that have popped up in New York City alone it is hard to distinguish which are good, which are a value, which are trying too hard. A gastropub you ask? Yes, this is a modern spin on the classic British/Irish drinking institution, where you can order up craft beers and gourmet options of your favorite pub grub. One of your many options if the Lower East Side's The Clerkenwell. Offering both the classics ala fish and chips to spinach and ricotta crepes you would be hard pressed to not find something delicious on the menu. Do not worry, a staple on the gastropub menu everywhere is some form of pork belly, and The Clerkenwell serves their slow-roasted version with a simple parsnip puree and baby carrots. You do not need much with that delicacy. The drink menu is not beer heavy, there are options of wine for those who are not feeling the ale that night. Offering a great brunch, you can order the classic brunch staples, with of course some twists and new refreshing options. So when you do not know where to grab dinner, remember the Clerkenwell, where you will experience good food, cozy atmosphere, and a refreshing take on the dining scene.

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