Thursday, January 14, 2010

Want This, Need That

In pops one of those daily emails you always look at because who knows what tidbit it holds. The other day it was from Shopbop, which led me to this sequined top which looked vaguely familiar to me. With a little research, okay, a click of a button I opened the Antik Batik Buli Tee. So I can only assume the design team found inspiration from the 1970s when the butterfly top was ripping up the dance floor from discos around the country. Next time you are on Etsy or Ebay or in your local thrift store search for this butterfly top I speak of. Unlikee most vintage, this piece is incredibly easy to come by. I was first introduced to these threads in the beyond fabulous London street markets, where there were racks and racks of this sparkly top. I finally scored mine in a vintage shop in New York's East Village for $15. Compared to the designer piece I saved myself $400. So puruse the racks and pages, because I guarantee you can get one in any color or size. Styling options are endless. Wear it over a plain dress, or some skinny jeans and high-heeled boost remember since this is shinier than the top of the Crystler building keep the accessories to a minimum; you do not need anything to distract from this centerpiece. As a beautiful butterfly, spread your fashion wings and shine, shine, shine.
Images via Shopbop and Ebay

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