Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Basically Eat for Free

As you can probably tell my favorite Mexican restaurant in the city is Blockheads. Example A, one of my very 1st posts. One of my fellow Blockheads loving friend passed along some great news to me. If I want to order in a rice bowl or a burrito, I can now receive $10 off my next online delivery order. They redesigned the system, and we reap the benefits. Enter code "Blockheads" upon check out and knock a whole meal off your bill. That's right, there is no minimum, when ordering. So just get your dinner tonight, do you really want to cook? This is for delivery only. Its a shame they can't send a $3 margarita with your quesadilla.


Anonymous said...

Thats a great deal and i cant wait to try it...what a wonderful post when it resembles the past of your very first post the present and the future of more creativity to come. KEEP IT UP

Rosa said...

it's moments like this that make me wish i was living in ny!!!!