Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flower Power

Let's face it, who does not like to receive flowers?  Its the small surprises that help us get through our days, like when someone sends you a bouquet.  Everyone in the office gets jealous, you are intoxicated by the fragrance, and that smiler plastered from ear to ear are just some of the benefits of that little gift.  You know the feeling I am talking about.  And this is why you are going to be sly and slip the boyfriend, husband, significant other this blog post.  Your man or woman can now save 10% on same day flower arrangements at 1st In Flowers.  Even before the 10% discount 1st In Flowers is a more economical option than the other dealers out there.  All one needs to do to save on fresh cut vines is enter the special code “Frugal" upon checking out.  And guess what, this code does not expire so come anniversary, birthday and that little lovely holiday in February remind your man about this site and promotion.  The options are endless and can fit any occasion you need them for.  Not everyone has a man doting on them, but you may have a new nugget in your life.  Get the brand new mom an arrangement that will wow the rest.  Now when you are surprised by this delivery, remember to run home and smack a big wet one on the person who loves you so dearly.

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Anonymous said...

Passing to my Boyfriend stat thanks for the tip