Friday, September 17, 2010

Simplicity In Time

You may think that third appendage, also known as your cell phone, Twitter tracker, Facebook updater, alarm clock is all you need to tell time.  This is probably true, but when was the last time you wore that phone on your hip.  I doubt you are a middle aged father ready to embarrass their children.  So chances are you can juggle two, time telling devices, one that just happens to be a fashion statement. Simplicity is the name of your game, which is why you were instantly drawn to Uniform Wares wrist watches.  Unisex, every day watches in a multitude of colors will keep your busy schedule on track.  The face is the same color as the strap.  The uniform color creates a modern monochromatic look.  Sleek and simple these do not stick out.  What also does not stick out is the price tag.  Coming in at $132, this is an incredibly reasonable price for a wrist watch.  The strap is durable rubber, and can be switched out if you want to break up the uniformity of color.  There are also leather options.  Hailing from the UK, they are available through their website, but a select few US stores carry options.  If you just cannot wait see what they have left of the limited quantity.  Tick Tock, time don't stop, but at least you can try and be on time now.        
Image via Uniform Wares

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Anonymous said...

oddly chic, oddly nerdy, oddly preppy, and oddly hipster all in one, and they all work.