Friday, September 24, 2010

Shake It Like You Mean It

You love to dance, but you are not auditioning for Julliard.  You enjoy the exercise and the endless fun you have.  Missing it, you have researched dance classes around New York City, but it seems like everything is too serious or too expensive.  Now located downtown is Liberated Movement, a donation based dance studio.  For the beginner to the expert this a studio where dancers are welcomed with open arms.  There are various classes offered.  There is Ballet, Cardio Jazz and Hip Hop to name a few.  Classes are offered on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings; just check the schedule to make sure you can make the class you want to shake your booty at.  Classes are offered at Battery Dance Studios down in Tribeca.  Once you are hooked, have a girls night out on the town and show off all your moves on the dance floor.  

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