Friday, September 3, 2010

Move to the Head of Mama's Table

Admit it you watch it you want to be apart of it. I am talking about one of Caroline Manzo's Italian family dinners. Chances are you don't want to make the gravy (aka sauce) or you don't have a stitch of italian blood coarsing through your veins. So next time your in the FiDi (that's financial district) head over to Harry's Italian Pizza Bar for the best next option.  It may not be as authentic but you will feel like you are sitting down for family dinner.  Harry's is a traditional italian restaurant and pizza bar that offers its menu options Family style.  The extensive menu has all your favorite classics from Chicken Parm to Fried Calamari.  I recently dined at Harry's for a friend's Birthday.  With 7 girls it was impressive how easy it was to order for a large group of opinioneted women.  We started with an appetizer and a salad, then moved onto two main courses.  We had a protein and a pasta dish.  And of course there was vino involved.  The food was the perfect amount.  We did not leave feeling stuffed, just satisfied.  More importantly a family style meal brings the guests together.  You have to pass around the food, and interact with your fellow diners.  That may sound weird but the converstation keeps up.  What also was great about this meal was the check.  We were shocked when we each got our bill.  Before tip each person had to pay only $25.  That never happens when you go out with a large group for a birthday.  Usually you have to take out a second mortgage.  With the great food and company I will be returning to Harry's anytime the MTA is working smoothly (that story is for another time). 

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