Monday, September 20, 2010

Lunch Delivered

We have the Wined & Dined post where the NYC food trucks are parked for the day.  Well Los Angeles needs some love too.  There is a new iPhone App to help plan out your mobile meals.  Its so hard keeping track where everyone will be stopped each day.  So this reconciles all the options from the Kogi truck to the Grilled Cheese Four Wheeler.  We all know traffic in this town is a nightmare, so you can see what will only cut into that tiny hour our bosses give us for lunch.  Download the Road Stoves application for your iPhone or touch to pin point exactly what mobile kitchen is in your neighborhood.  Sometimes parking can be tricky, and twitter has yet to update where exactly they are.  Using GPS this application will show you how far you are from that truck.  It is not delayed thanks to modern technology.  If you are hungry at 12:01, you can see what's to eat at 12:01.  No need to complain about being starvels the clown, just download this app and feast away.

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Kristin said...

That's my kinda app!