Tuesday, September 14, 2010

High on Fried

Summer maybe over but your once a month hankering for a funnel cake does not hibernate with the cooler weather.  Well does it ever actually get cooler in Miami?  Prob not and that's why Gorilla B's exists.  Not exactly a place to hit up every day, but once in a while a fried hot dog is just something you need.  However, you may not be at the state carnival or on the boardwalk so head over here.  Their menu reads like what your childhood memories were made of.  If it can be dipped in batter and then fried you can order it up.  They have the gluttonous classics like Oreos and Snicker bars and some new ones like Poptarts.  I know your sugar receptors are firing off right now and there is usually a time of month when these do taste the best.  In addition, to the fried baddies, Gorilla lets you get down in a thick slice of cheesecake.  There is the classics and the tropical.  We are in Miami, so get a guava or a key lime version, both which I am pretty sure the fruits were just picked from the vine.  And now that it is unfortunately fall, there is the delicious Pumpkin, that everyone looks forward to. Don't worry, you can get a Diet Coke to wash everything down, so your guilt and glutton won't consumer every bit of your conciseness. 

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Kristin said...

I'm drooling just thinking about that place!