Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beneficial Shopping

We all love to shop.  Do not deny it.  I see you shaking your head in the corner as you try and hide those shopping bags.  Yes we are all victim to it.  I will stand on the roof tops and scream "I am Stephanie, and I love to SHOP."  However, if you are like me too you also like to spend as little as possible.  But what if you could or could not save on said purchase but made a little back from swiping your plastic.  Now that the busy holiday season is fast approaching sign up for Pig.com to make money from all those presents you will be buying regardless.  On Pig.com you will earn cash back on all major retailers, up to 15% of your purchase.  Every store from Saks Fifth Ave to Barnes and Noble is on site for you to start earning as you spend.  Sign up today and 5 bucks are deposited in your account.  When you reach 10 smackers you can cash out with a check or deposited in your Pay Pal account.  Tell your friends about it and when they spend $25 both you and your friend will get $5 deposited in your account.  Before clicking order see if there is a coupon listed on the site as well.  When the urge to shop hits make sure that Pig.com is in your tool bar so you do not miss out on earning.  With all those presents you need to buy earning all that cash back will not be hard.

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