Sunday, November 28, 2010

So your sick of it. Your apartment, your home, your bedroom, that corner. It needs something; It needs a change. But redecorating is sucks your will to live. That's why I leave that job to others (thanks mom and auntie). We know you are busy right now because of the holiday times, but come 6 weeks from now when your New Years Resolution will be in full swing you are going to want a change.  This year we resolve to redesign our apartments and not our bodies.  We know we can't keep the later.  It is beyond overwhelming to start this project, but keep MyDeco in your back pocket.  This will be your only Internet stop for your decorating dilemmas.  Taking the plethora of websites out in the black hole called the Internet, My Deco aggregates everything that's of quality in one neat website.  Cutting the time of picking out a sofa or a throw pillow you won't be overwhelmed with the options, but be able to make clear decisions about how your palace should look.  In addition, there is are experts to give advice, 3D planning tools to give your perspective and the key to success these days a social network of users to give you advice, ideas and opinions.   The site is easy to use and you may get lost in the fantasy, but once you come back from the rabbit hole your apartment will be the example of pristine decorating among your friends. 

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