Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Favorite E.L.F.

My name is Stephanie, and I am addicted to beauty products. I fully admitted to myself and all those around me that I had an addiction this past weekend when I was at Target. Mind you I did major shopping less than a week before in the product department.  Perfectly placed at the end of the isle were the Eyes, Lips, Face products for the holiday shoppers. There were sets with eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks. There were small and large options. Like a moth to a flame I was there with arm fulls of options. As I shopped the rest of the store I eliminated varieties. Until I was left with just one, the Limited Edition Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette. Variety is an understatement, there are 100 eyeshadow shades, none of which I have ever had before (yeah right). I tried to guilt myself out of buying it. Telling myself there was no reason I needed it, for that price would the shadows actually work, why did I want to shlep this back from Florida, etc. But I could not do it. There was a little red sticker that was subconsciously telling me to buy buy buy. This red sticker said it was $10, yes ten bucks for 100 hundred eyeshadows; ten cents per shade. I can't even get 2 lattes for that price.  So when I got it back north, in one piece, I didn't know where to begin. Do I go safe with neutrals or play with color? If you know me, you know the answer. It was love at first application. I am glad I didn't wait, the Target up in Harlem was sold out. Each day is a new color option and it lasts through out. Now go track one down and paint the town, with your beautiful face.

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Subie said...

Since the Manhattan Target was sold out of the big $Ten kit I bought 2 $Fives each a different color variety. Hope I will live till they restock the BIG one!!! Great product Stephanie. Thanks for letting us know about it!