Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Group Star Savings

Groupon, KGB deals, Living Social, those are just a few of the coupon sites you buy from on a daily basis thanks to Yipit's daily email. Chances r you are not schlepping to X for Y or you really never see youreself waling the tight rope between 2 buildings. Or your the one who missed the chance to save 50 percent to risk your life. Maybe Lifesta will have that missed opportunity. Site is the eBay for group buying websites; it is a market place for you to buy and sell all of those daily deals that we need in our lives.  If you have a deal that you know you will never use, you list it on the site.  Then the person who keeps kicking themselves for letting it slide serendipitously stumbles upon your listing.  Its the perfect transaction.  You get your money back for that deal you have no idea why you purchased and the buyer gets exactly what they were looking for.  No worries about buying a fake; every transaction is guaranteed to be authentic by The Lifesta Deal Guarantee. To sell your deals you click "Sell A Deal" and follow the instructions. You set up your seller profile, tell them the deal and have an Amazon Payments account.  Simple enough.  Once the buyer is charged  the money is deposited into your account.  If you are buying, you will get an electronic copy of your purchase for you to print out at your leisure.  Now that you do not have to think twice about all those deals just buy them, you can always sell them to someone who is actually interested later.

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