Monday, November 22, 2010

Boom Boom Design You

We all want to appear cultured, even if we are not.  So we go to the museum shops and buy prints of Vermeer paintings.  Well I buy them because he is my favorite artists and love that his entier life's work was basically painted by the same window and amount to a baerly enough for a retrospective.  So I would say I am cultured and like to show for it.  That's why the shops on Designboom have great items to show your artistic preference.  Designboom is a sight that displays some of the most cutting edge displays of architecture, art and design.  Their "museum shop" allows for one to purchase items inspired by these unique artists.  There are fun childish items like crayon rings.  Great for your budding princess or the glamour artist in you that does not want to give up her bling.  There are intricite lamps that are just made from paper.  Scare a dinner guest with the Shark Fin salt and pepper shakers.  Everything in this store looks like it would be found lingering in a Phillipe Starck hotel or property.  So what is stopping you from making you abode the next hotspot for models and fashionistas to stop at? 

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