Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let No One Go Thirsty

So the fact that a water bottle cost 9 dollars is not something I would usually write about. The fact that I am on a crusade to save the planet since I was about 5 is very apparent. So I will shell over 10 bucks to never have to buy a water bottle from a hot dog stand in Manhattan. Vapur is the anti-bottle because when it is empty its flat as a pancake and fits in any space available in your pocketbook.  When the thirst hits, find a water fountain, tap, cooler or a Brita to fill it up.  No longer will you have to tote those annoying metal bottles that clink and clank on everything you own.  So long is the bulk.  No longer will you have to shell out 3 bucks to the hot dog man down in SoHo for a bottle you just cannot seem to find a recycling bin for once you are down.  The bottles come in an array of colors each with a mini carabiner to attach to your purse.  They are freezable which is great for long trips and made in the USA.  So add a Vapur to your Holiday list.  There is no reason why you should ever be thirsty again. 
Image via Vapur

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Rosa said...

this is brilliant! i want one