Thursday, December 23, 2010

No Glove, No Love

I have a new favorite blog, well after mine, the Man Repeller. The 21 year old Leandra Medine, has a closet anyone would dream of owning and what seems like an apartment that I could only fantasize about. Do it, check out her pics. But one of her recent post led me to what I believe one of the greatest update to our boring shoe collection. I should say yours. I kinda buy more shoes than anything. But we all have a pair of the boring black pump for business, and all other dressing needs. What if we could update that shoe without having to buy a whole new pair. Check out the Heel Condoms. Yes it sounds exactly as you would imagine. It is a little sleeve that you slip onto the back of your pumps to jazz them up. Yes, I just used the term jazz. The heel cover is a a little slip that goes over the back of your shoe.  There are a variety of options to fit your mood.  Feeling sweet but a little edgy?  Go for the cheetah printed bow.  Its that balance of girly femininity but in a femme fatal pattern. There are studded red satin ones and runway feather ones.  With about 15 options and prices starting at $20, you only need one pair of shoes and an array of Heel Condoms to add variety to your shoe options.  All are reusable and protect heels from wear and tear.  There is a condom for everyone there is no reason why you should not step outside without one. 
Image via Heel Condoms

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