Saturday, December 18, 2010

Play It Out

My senior year of college, I spent a good amount of my Thursday nights at the new piano bar in town.  it wasn't your average one, it was dueling.  Now what seems like the eternity since I bid adieue to Nashville which in actually is only 2 and a half years it seems like this concept has taken a strong hold across the country.  In Dallas, The Penguin Piano Bar has recently opened its doors.  So there are two pianos facing each other, usually with a fish bowl resting nicely atop it.  Take the napkin intended to be your ice cold drinks coaster and find a pen, write down what song you just can't live without hearing.  Is it Gaga?  Is it Elton John?  Who cares, just write it down.  Bring your pretty little self up to the Piano man (or woman) and give them your napkin, preferably with a dollar or two if you want to hear the song before the sun comes up.  Then sit back as the national touring piano players jam out your song.  Don't be disappointed if a mash up occurs, or a dual. You never know how Teenage Dream will sound with Thunderstruck.  They are currently open Thursday through Saturday and have a small cover charge.  Go with your friends, its a greater way to hear the music you want to hear, dance to the songs you want.  Its an all around good time.
Image via  HenryStradford

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