Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Kind Of Neckwear

Who does not love Anthropologie? I do not think I have ever met a woman who has said nay to the style emporium. We all know a couple of people who individually keep them in business. I made the small mistake by clicking on the links in the latest email I was sent. Now I am having issues narrowing down just which necklace I need this season from Anthropologie. I first lay some ground rules for buying a trendy necklace. I will never pay more thank $100 for something that may not last more than a season. Versatility is key; how many outfits can I wear with this piece with? The more I wear it, the further my dollar stretches. Last but not least, will it make me stand out? Without a doubt the individuality at Anthro is embedded into everything they sell.
First is the Vernal Festoon Necklace:
Necklaces by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I love the bright colors that will work with the neutrals that are huge for this season. This will stand out among the crowd of simple necklaces. It encompasses the floral trend I have been harping on for a really long time. At $58, your return on investment will pay off fast. In addition to the neutrals pair it with jeans and a white tank for a simple look. Wear it to work for an unexpected surprise in the board room. The styling options are endless.

Then there is Sea Spectrum Necklace:
Necklaces by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

As the name states, this was the first thing I thought of upon setting eyes on it. I have a thing for shades of blue. Maybe it's the calming effects of the colors or the fact that I wish I were writing this post from the beach. That does not matter, I just love the varying colors, and its simplicity. Those are just two of the many that Anthro is currently offering. I know you are going to have trouble deciding. They are all fabulous and deserve a safe home around your neck.

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Anonymous said...

i think i saw someone on the morning show wearing the blue one. its so pretty