Friday, April 2, 2010

Liquidating Tastes

I have known about this secret for fairly a long time, and now I am just revealing it to the world. Well it actually took a reminder on my recent trip to spread the savings with everyone. As I was gearing up to leave Nashville years ago, a savings mecca was setting up shop on West End Ave. Walking into the unassuming storefront, I was just checking out the newest shop in town. With no expectations, I was not exactly floored, but then I started drinking the Kool Aid. What flavor is this Kool Aid you ask? It is United Apparel Liquidators. The purpose of UAL is exactly what their name states. They take excess inventory from department stores and designer boutiques to sell to you for up to 90% off. I was just as shocked at that mark down when I was in the New Orleans location last week. I picked up a pair of thousand dollar Pierre Hardy shoes for about $200; its a shame my feet resemble the ugly step sister's and not Cinderella's. There was also the Thread Social dress that you could have spent $345 on, but at UAL it was available for $60. There are four UAL locations dotting the South East. Not in the South East? The brick and mortar stores are not the only place you can pick up these savings. Available to the rest of the world is the UAL eBay store. Do not worry it was available in every size so it is not like finding a needle in a haystack, you will leave with thousands of dollars worth of clothing by only dropping pennies.
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