Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blow That Wig Out

It's almost the weekend and your wig is a mess. It has been a while and people are starting to get concerned. You just do not know what you are doing when you turn your blow dryer on. Take a cue and make the first available appointment at Drybar, in Los Angeles. This place specializes in one thing and one thing only, the art of a good blow out. For $35 you have a choice of cocktails (aka hairstyles) to choose from. The "straight up" is their signature blow out. Look like you just took the Red Eye (in a good way of course) from New York with the "Manhattan" for that sleek and smooth look. Or you took a drive down the PCH from the boo, with the "Mai Tai." You will be rocking the messy, beachy look every girl covets. Hooked on this idea? You can open a bar tab which entitles you to savings and discounts on services. We know this environment can breed addicts, so beware, we just don't want to see you in the next Blow Outs Anonymous meeting.
image via Flickr

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