Friday, March 19, 2010

Lil Piece of Home On The Road

Going away soon and dreading going through security. Nowadays you should come in your swim suit so you can get through as quickly as possible. On the other hand if you do not want to deal with all those looks you can use Suite Arrival to make the process a tad faster. You no longer have to choose between cheap hotel toiletries or shleping your 3 ounce bottles in those one quart plastic bags. Before you set out on your journey head over to Suite Arrival and add all the products you use during your daily routine. They have all the products you use to keep fresh and clean. Go through your medicine cabinet and make sure to add everything you would need on your trip away. Suite Arrival will deliver your products right to your hotel room. Feel safe knowing you will be washing your hair with your normal Pantene shampoo and not the generic moisture striping shampoo the hotel claims is a luxury brand. All items are travel size, so if you do not finish you can decide to bring them back home with you. Although the prices are a bit higher than travel size items at the drugstore, remember you are also paying for the luxury of having a piece of home when you are on the road. When the other hotel guests ask why your hair is silky smooth, let them in on your little secret.

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