Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog Worthy Weekend

So I escaped the snow by the skin of my teeth last Thursday and headed down to Florida. Although I couldn't get my tan on, I could get my shop on. I have my standard stops when I head south, which is the mecca aka Target. I had a preview last weekend when friends and I hit the Brooklyn Flea Market and Target was next door. We couldn't avoid the magnetic pull of that store. Although the selection at the Florida location was less than the Brooklyn one, I was able to score a flirty floral mini and a silk tank that will be great when it finally warms up. Today I am transitioning it in the chilly temps with an over sized cardi, knit tights and knee high boots. Grand total came to 35 greenbacks. In addition to my fashion finds I picked up some fabulous plastic bowls that look like Spanish ceramics you would bring back from your European travels. Then it was onto T.J. Maxx where I got a black tank covered in sequins 12 and necessary side zip leggings for 7. That night we headed to Bonefish Grill for healthy seafood grub to fill up on. For 8 bucks I got a huge patron margarita. Its helped to wash down their crusty bread and tasty fish tacos. A ginormous plate of sushi grade tuna was under 15. With a relief from the cold and some budget friendly fashion finds, I will be able to take on the next month of cold and emerge looking good for the spring weather.
Image via Bonefish Grill and Target


Anonymous said...

sounds like you got great stuff this weekend

Anonymous said...

I love bone fish!