Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bitter Rewards

So this past St. Patrick's Day I decided to venture outside my apartment. With the amount of people who descend upon the city, hibernation is what most partake in to avoid the drunken crowds. I was invited to a show down at the Bitter End. Knowing this would be a bit more mellow than the shenanigans on 2nd Ave, I got a group of friends to head downtown for the show. The Bitter End is New York City's oldest rock club and a place one must check off their bucket list. The likes of Lady Gaga and Bob Dylan got their start there, so you know the place has street cred. There is usually a cover to get in anywhere from $5-10. There are seats for you to sit at which are front and center. Just as a warning if you pop down center stage there is a 2-drink requirement. A small price to pay to listen to tomorrow's hit makers. Don't feel like drinking, stay by the bar and enjoy the show. When I was there I saw Ryan Jay and Emergency Service bring the house down. Ryan's music is a mix of Jason Marz and John Mayer. His music will put you in the mood for the warming weather and may just become your summer anthem. The group I was with judged Emergency Service by the cover, but once they started playing the club was on their feet. Unlike the bands on the radio, Emergency Service brought energy which is hard to come by thanks to their stellar trumpet player and free-style raps. So next time you want to get out, head to the Bitter End and next time you turn on the radio Ryan Jay or Emergency Service may be playing for everyone to hear. Price of admission is a fraction of what it will be when they headline at the Garden and sell out in 5 minitues. I am talking to you Gaga.
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