Monday, March 8, 2010

Loose the Tea

Not everyone is a coffee drinker. Some get their caffeine fix from tea. However on every corner you can get an artisan cup of joe, with about two options for the tea drinkers. Well now is the time for the tea drinkers to stand up and cheer. Now there is Argo, which is tea's answer to Starbucks. Combining a cafe and boutique Argo is your new one stop shop for legal herbal remedies. Offering a full range of drinks from loose seeped tea to Tea Sparkle which is a carbonated tea. Their current seasonal tea is a non-alcoholic Irish Creame Tea Latte. The rich caramel and toffee flavors can be enjoyed with either tea or coffee. Yes I said coffee. Your coffee drinking friends can tag along and get their standard brew house fair. As can you, they take the barista specialty and make it delicious for the tea sippers; and then the unique ones as well. Do you want to take the goodness home? You can buy the loose tea in 2 oz packages and all the equipment to brew it. There are a multitude of tea varieties for you to pick from. There are herbals, black, green, and exotic teas. I picked up the Earl Grey Creme tea, and at first sip you can taste the complexities that you cannot get in your standard supermarket tea. With one visit you will become an addict like I and there is a club for us. Argo offers a loyalty card where your continued purchases reap many benefits. From your many trips you will get a free drink on your birthday or after you have downed ten. Those are just some of the perks. Argo currently operates in New York and Chicago, but I am sure the craze is going to spread. No where near either metropolis? You can at least purchase the tea online. As you wait for your local Argo to open (which I am sure it will) curl up with a book and blissfully enjoy your refreshing cup of tea.
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