Friday, March 12, 2010

Put A Sock On It

The real question is how did you find an apartment with hard wood floors? Then why do they look brand new. That is apartment gold you are residing in. But those thrift store chairs you have are wreaking havoc on those precious floors. Well we all know you cannot go out to Pottery Barn and replace them, but you can prevent that shiny new floor from looking old and haggard. It is time to dress your chair legs up with some Chair Personality Socks. We have all seen the tennis balls your 5th grade teacher put on the bottom of your math room chairs so she could teach you the Pythagorean theorem in silence. These look cool, fashionable, and like they should go on a child's foot. The only way to describe these argyle or sweat sock creations is adorable, quirky or a bit odd. Since there are many options, find what best fits in your place. When your whole place is decorated, these will be the icing on your cake. Next time you have guests over, see who notices them first and try to fight a conversation about them all night. I dare you. Get a pair for all chairs in your home and your landlord will be happy how the floors have looked so great for so long.

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Subie said...

I wish that I had thought of this!! Such a great idea.