Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nuvo Nashville

If you know me I love a little musical city in the south, better known as Nashville, TN. I also love Mexican food. Although I never made it to East Nashville during my time down there (one of my many regrets) I can still report on its fabulocity. In the new, burgeoning section of town with its hipster vibe, of course the next cool Mexican restaurant will follow suit. Next time you are east of the Cumberland head to Five Points and refuel at Nuvo Burrito. In a city lacking delicious Mexican cuisine this is a breath of fresh air. How many times can a Nashvillian eat bland Mexican food without throwing a fit. Well travel south of the border without leaving the 615. Nuevo offers diners excellent Mexican options, all under 9 bucks. The most interesting burrito is the Heart of Dixie which has mashed sweet potatoes, caramelized vidalia Onions, Monterrey jack cheese and bacon. Mixing sweet ans savory, I can only imagine how decedent this burrito is. When the sun goes down and the fun comes out, Nuvo starts their after dark specials. There is a special night menu and appetizer specials. Now is your chance to take the bridge over and find out what is so great about East Nashville.

Image via Nuvo Burrito

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