Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cleaning Out the Closet

Spring cleaning is around the corner. What are you going to do with all those clothes you have never worn with the tags still on it. You can bring it to a consignment store and hope some finds your trash their treasure. Or head over to Goodwill and get a refund on your taxes for next year. Are you really going to wait until 2011 to get your refund. I have a better plan for you. Head over to Plato's Closet and get cash on the spot for your gently worn or new clothes. Bring in your bags of clothes, and they will give you cash on the spot. Then you can pocket it and invest the money. Or on the other hand you can look at what everyone else has brought in. The one I just came from had fabulous floral prints that were all over the runways. The best part was it was only six bucks. Everything is organized by color, and size, so you can zone right into what you are looking for. With all the room you made in your cleaning endeavor you will be able to fill up all the empty spaces. While you are there bring in your man's duds as he can freshen up his look. Spring forward with a new, inexpensive wardrobe.
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Rosa said...

i need to go do this...