Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trendiest Person In the Room

Fashion week has got you itching for some stellar pieces to wear in the coming season. Then you checked your bank account. You would be lucky to afford the Topshop inspirations. If you are not willing to settle for second best head over to Rent the Runway for your chance to look like you just stepped off the catwalk. This is your chance to try that ridiculous trend to see if you can rock it like that leggy blond. Users of this innovative site have access to today's biggest trends straight from the designers who started them. Rent the Runway's team buys the key pieces of the season for you to rent at a fraction of the cost what it retails for. Rentals are just 10% of the price you would pay if you walked into Saks. After you wear that showstopping outfit, pack up and send it back to RTR. Now you do not have to run to Bloomies next time you need a dress for that black tie. We know you are only going to wear it once and spend a small fortune on it. Why not get your money's worth, and get something ten times more amazing. Make sure to see what sashayed down this past week's runways to prioritize your rentals come fall.
Image via Flickr

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