Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Saint Delicious

I am a contradiction. I just told you to get off the couch and head to a yoga class, and now its onto something not as great for the hips. I love cupcakes, you love cupcakes, we all love cupcakes, but only on occasion. Now you can have these little delights delivered to your home for you to assemble how you see fit. The Portland based bakery, Saint Cupcake, now delivers cupcake kits for you to design in the comforts of your own home. First you pick how many you need, anywhere from 3 to 12. Then you pick the individual cakes, icings, and sprinkles. I would be hard pressed to choose between Pumpkin Spice with a cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut or the vegan vanilla with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles. But hey I do not have to decide, I can order up those 2 and one more for kicks. If I change my mind I can have pumpkin spice with chocolate frosting and toasted coconut because when they arrive on my doorstep I fix them up. A great idea would be to order 12 or more for a dinner party and each guest gets to choose how they want their dessert. No longer do you have to stress if everyone is enjoying their dessert, because they made their own.

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Nicole said...

I've been there!!!! Yummmm